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In healthcare it's critical to have the right office location to create the ideal patient experience.

Finding the ideal location for your practice can be difficult and time-consuming, especially without the right support.

RG Real Estate advisors help to facilitate the process with an efficient approach to identifying and presenting the best location options as well as negotiating the most favorable terms possible for your medical, dental or veterinary practice.

Over the life of the practice you’ll need to think through your lease renewal strategy.

Over time, your practice may grow and you’ll want carefully consider options to maximize your real estate and at least ensure leverage in the negotiation process.

RG Real Estate can assist in this process by first reviewing your lease, evaluating the market and current rates, and then negotiating with the Landlord on your behalf to secure the most advantageous lease terms.

If your current facility is no longer meeting your business needs, relocating to a new facility may be what you need.

RG Real Estate will guide you and fully manage the process of selecting a new location for your business.

The process starts by evaluating your business’ needs and gathering insight about the specific objectives or criteria to meet. We can help assess key demographics and traffic to help drill down the best sites. Further, we deliver information for properties that best meet your objectives, set up property tours, manage the negotiation process, and assist in the evaluation of each proposal which includes financial and comparative analysis of the options.

If you are stuck on a lease term but need more space, have no fear, there are solutions to also negotiate a lease expansion before the expiration of a lease. RG Real Estate has negotiated many lease expansions for its clients and can guide you through this process.

RG Real Estate leads the process evaluating the current lease, property and market to assess the negotiation with the Landlord and how to achieve the most advantageous lease terms. If you are under lease need to adjust for more space or less space, we can help identify solutions and guide you through the process of negotiating potential expansion or disposition before the expiration of the lease.

We have the ability to coordinate and manage all construction/project management.

Our construction management capabilities are extensive. We are fully vertically integrated and can complete projects from the ground up, minor capital improvements or full  renovations.

RG Real Estate can manage the disposition process by developing a strategy which includes analyzing your lease, your space and how it is positioned within the market, developing appropriate marketing materials, and negotiating and executing a contract.

We support the process for clients to acquire land or buildings by bringing market knowledge of transaction experience. We lead the process by developing a strategy which includes reviewing your lease and analyzing the numbers. At the other end of the cycle RG Real Estate can mange the disposition of property by negotiating and executing a contract to sell extracting maximum value.

We have expertise in creative joint venture, development and/or investment projects that can help clients participate and create value and financial vehicles outside the practice.

We value all of our clients as a unique relationship

No matter how small or big, each client will receive an equal level of customer service that is a proud hallmark of RG Real Estate’s work ethic.

At RG Real Estate we build and foster close relationships based on mutual trust carried over from transaction to transaction. 

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