Effective and efficient property management is the foundation of investment success in real estate.

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RG Real Estate understands what it takes to operate an asset at its highest efficiencies.

From REITs to private property owners, RG Real Estate has the experience to deliver seamless solutions to keep assets running smoothly. With over One Million Square Feet under management, RG Real Estate understands the key components to operate an asset at its highest efficiencies.

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Our property management division simultaneously maintains relationships with tenants, improves the physical condition of the property, operates the property efficiently, reports accurately to ownership and supports the leasing and marketing process to ensure that financial returns are maximized.

Tenant retention through lease renewals is the single most important ingredient to project success. Part of this effort involves establishing lasting relationships through excellent service and meeting with the Tenant.

Every effort is made to meet with Tenants face to face in order to build and foster these relationships, making renewal probabilities much higher. This sensitivity begins from the day we take over a property.

As a full service property management company, we have the ability to coordinate and manage all tenant build-out.

Our construction management capabilities are extensive. They include all property and space types. We are fully vertically integrated and can complete projects from the ground up, minor capital improvements or full tenant renovations.

Our procedures require regular inspections of equipment, structures, and property grounds, which along with our preventative maintenance program allow us to acquire a thorough knowledge for a property’s physical makeup and mechanical operations. RG Real Estate will review operational and administrative procedures and institute more effective procedures, if deemed necessary.

RG Real Estate will analyze all existing contracts for proper administration and when warranted, rebid service contracts based on specifications and conditions derived from physical requirements of each property. Contracts are awarded taking into account cost factors, quality of work and accomplishment of the tasks. Contractors are selected from our established list of vendors, each approved for financial stability, project performance and cost effectiveness. The contracts are reviewed and overseen by the Property Manager.

A thorough review of the current lease is conducted and all information entered into our property management database. A lease abstract, providing a summary of the lease specifics, is generated. The lease abstract defines the lease charges, expirations and lease options.

RG Real Estate outsources its accounting. This gives us the resources of a full service accounting firm. We provide the owner with accurate and timely data so that they always know the exact status of the project at all times. Annual audited reports are available to make the owner’s tax filing seamless.

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