Vice President
RG Real Estate
1835 Savoy Drive
Suite 101
Atlanta, GA 30341
Work. 770-393-2006
Cell. 937-418-5963
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Doug Eakin, Vice President

Doug Eakin is Vice President and Co-Founder at RG Finance, an affiliate company of RG Real Estate. Before joining RG Finance, Mr. Eakin spent the last 15 years working as a commercial lender, working primarily for community banks. Working within the community bank model, Mr. Eakin was afforded the opportunity to work with a wide breadth of customers, ranging from small business entrepreneurs to $4 Billion manufacturing firms. The role allowed Mr. Eakin to work with a wide range of collateral and real estate asset classes.  Mr. Eakin’s career success has been driven by his strong customer relationships, win/win solutions focus, and his ability to create a positive performance-oriented work climate.

Mr Eakin is successful at selling commercial loans because he has been on the other side of the desk and managed a business, and because he invests his time in getting to know his customer’s unique business challenges. Mr. Eakin’s strong communication skills and ability to put people at ease enables him to develop relationships that are mutually beneficial for both the bank and customers. A keen problem solver, he works to find a mutually beneficial resolution to any problems that arise. During his career he has provided well over $250 million of financing to a wide variety of borrowers and businesses.