RG Real Estate has a wide variety of tenant advisory services to meet the needs of any size and type of business. Whether your company has one or multiple locations, RG Real Estate’s brokers can act as your single point of contact for all your real estate needs. Instead of paying a salaried employee, you can hire us to represent your business for a huge cost savings.

RG Real Estate’s tenant representation services don’t stop once a transaction is completed. Our clients count on us to advise them on their lease options as specific business situations arise over the term of a lease. Our comprehensive tenant advisory services can help in any situation and include the following:

Lease Renewal/Expansion Services: Many businesses have leases in facilities that already meet their real estate and business objectives. These businesses do not want to relocate but do need to renew or expand leases as they come due. RG Real Estate can assist in this process by first performing a lease audit, evaluating the property and its position within the market, and then negotiating with the Landlord on your behalf to achieve the most advantageous lease terms.

If you are stuck on a lease term but need more space, have no fear, there are solutions to also negotiate a lease expansion before the expiration of a lease. RG Real Estate has negotiated many lease expansions for its clients and can guide you through this process.

Relocation Services: If your current facility is no longer meeting your business needs, relocating to a new facility may be what you need. RG Real Estate will guide you and fully manage the process of selecting a new location for your business. The process starts by evaluating your business’ needs, gathering market information for properties that best meet your objectives, setting up property tours, sending requests for proposals, and assisting in the evaluation of each proposal which includes financial and comparative analysis of various building and space options. From there we will negotiate on your behalf with the selected property(s) Landlords, execute leases, and assist with construction and move-in.

Subleasing/Disposition Services:If during your lease term your company is downsizing, you have excess office space which you do not need but are paying for, or need to relocate, our subleasing services are sure to add value. RG Real Estate can manage the disposition process by developing a strategy which includes analyzing your lease, your space and how it is positioned within the market, developing appropriate marketing materials, and negotiating and executing a contract. Whatever the case may be, our subleasing/disposition services provide solutions to the unforeseen challenges businesses may face during their lease tenure.

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