Aviva Plastic Surgery

Aviva Plastic Surgery launches a new practice

When you’re dealing with layered challenges on leaving a practice and the start up of another one you really need someone in your corner to bring knowledge and efficiency into the process of finding and negotiating space. Thanks to Michael I was able to navigate that successfully.

The Graivier Center for Plastic Surgery

Michael invested a lot of time to help us plan on the front end. He brought a unique perspective and financial approach in exploring ownership. Ultimately, he helped us secure a great, efficient space to care for our patients.

Success Mortgage

A colleague suggested I call Michael when we were in a pinch. He navigated our growth and need for space quickly and I never had to worry that we wouldn’t pull it off.

Attorney Relocation

2475 Northwinds Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA

You really only need to prove yourself once to me and Michael was able to do that quickly. Over the years he’s been the first call when we’re addressing one of our offices. I most appreciate the way the he finds ways to be collaborative and support our business.

CRH Healthcare

I’m a firm believer that you need the right partners. Michael was eager to jump in and help even when the initial need was small. He has continuously provided good insight for our planning and was extremely helpful in securing terms to get the ideal space.

Strategic Plan to Reduce Real Estate Throughout Atlanta Market

1040 Eagles Landing Parkway

Michael has served my commercial real estate requirements for over 5 years. He has always been “up-to-speed” in the market and has offered proactive insight to help reduce costs in our real estate decisions. I feel secure that things get taken care of.

Meditology Services

Michael has supported us from early days. He was quick to pick up on our culture and directed us to a new ‘creative’ building. As we’ve grown over the years Michael has helped extract value in negotiating terms on our behalf.